Who could possibly say ‘no, gracias’ to ‘Casa de mi Padre’?

After viewing the trailer of Will Ferrell’s upcoming film Casa de mi Padre, I was at a loss for words. Will Ferrell speaking Spanish is as hilarious as I though it’d be!

I wondered if others with a similar taste in movies as mine would like the film.  I called up my sister, shot her the link, and waited for the reply. Her response: “I love Will Ferrell!”

And who wouldn’t? My sister, just as myself, was born and raised in Venezuela with a different culture than that of the U.S. When I showed my sister the Casa de mi Padre trailer, it was  interesting to see that the one thing she took from the entire trailer was that American actor Will Ferrell was in the leading role. She did not comment on the fact that the movie is in Spanish, and completely overlooked the presence of well-known Mexican actors Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna. The only things that drew her attention were the mainstream, slapstick humor and the fact that Ferrell is occupying the lead role. Based on her reaction (in contrast to the arbitrary plot displayed in the trailer), I think Casa de mi Padre will be a hit for millennials.

photo courtesy of onlinemovieshut.com

Armed with my sister’s opinion, I decided to dig a little deeper and gain a more encompassing perspective about the film. I went to the Casa de mi Padre Facebook page and it was here that my smash- hit theory started gaining ground. Many comments on this page are from Hispanic movie goers asking themselves”What kind of movie this? Is this an American Comedy or a Mexican drama?” As a matter of fact, many people on the movie’s Facebook page refers to the Casa de Mi Padre as just another “William Ferrell” movie. It is obvious that  the most marketable attribute of the movie is Ferrell himself.

So, who will see this movie? Virtually everyone ages eighteen to thirty. Latino, American, Latino American, male, female, they’ll all be packed into the theater when the lights go down. And why? Because it’s funny. And funny is universal. Though some Latinos may see this film as mocking, they will also identify with the very cultural elements that are being mocked and be able to personally identify with them. As for the Americans that see the film, they will appreciate the in-your-face, slapstick humor peppered throughout the film. The film has enough action and humor for my white American boyfriend, and surely enough romance and Spanish for me.

So that’s my take, but I ‘d love to hear yours.

video courtesy of Youtube.com


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