What’s The New Permanent Temporary?


Click here to read the article!

Click here to read the article!

Times are changing!

Whether you are in HR, a CEO, or an employee, this article from the Harvard Business Review is worth reading.

Article in a nutshell: Freelancers and employees that are hired on a project-basis  are becoming more popular nowadays. As a matter of fact, “the fastest-growing segments of America’s job market — by far — are temporary and part-time employment.” The rise of part-time or temporary employees might be due to people wanting to redefine traditional employment or it might be due to the fact that organizations aren’t “hiring employees, but they’re hiring value creation.” Organizations train of thought? ” if I can get valuable work from a part-time employee or contractor, why not just hire them instead of hiring full time employees?

Do YOU see this trend dying down in the future? or Will these temp employees become more valuable making them more attractive to organizations?



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