Thank you, Mr. Seth Godin!

Seth Godin is the most insightful person I know (I don’t know him personally but I know his work). If you aren’t familiar with him or his work, I encourage you to check out his blog and his books (see the list of the ones I’ve read below).

Today, I discovered the video above  and it really resonated with me–it’s just as if Seth Godin knew exactly what I needed to hear. Right now I am one of the many 20-somethings looking for a job but unfortunately I haven’t had any luck.

To me, job hunting is one of the most frustrating experiences in life–it’s a lot like speed dating if you ask me. It takes a lot of energy, work, and persistence to keep applying and networking to work yourself through thousands of other candidates. Although the experience can be frustrating I have to say I also find it very educational. During my job search, I have learned a lot about myself. I get to practice patience and optimism–characteristics that I know will served me well later on in life. It really is a defining moment, you can either let it get to you and give up or you can keep working until you achieve your goal. I choose the latter everyday.

So being in the situation that I’m in, I started thinking of other things I could do while looking for a job. I asked myself “What can I do or create that will add value both professionally and personally?” The answer is a lot! While continuing my job hunting, I took this situation as an opportunity to create and write on this blog, take free webminars to keep learning, and most importantly it has given me the courage to start my own business.

Although I don’t know what the future holds for me, I know that I can take control of my goals. I am very excited to start my own business (more to come on this subject!) and excited to learn a lot. I was very reluctant to start a business—in my head, I had already failed and I had 100 reasons why it wouldn’t work. But what is there to lose?  it will all be a learning experience.

So thank you, Mr. Seth Godin! Thank you for inspiring me and for all your words of wisdom.

I will keep applying and searching for a job but meanwhile I’ll make myself useful.

If you are currently job hunting, please share your experience with me!

Do you have any tips, horror stories, funny stories? It doesn’t hurt to share 🙂



Books I highly recommend:
The Purple Cow
The Icarus Deception
The Big Moo


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