Why You Should Hire Me

We’ve all heard the stereotypes regarding millennials–they are lazy, self-involved, entitled, and shallow. I mean, how can we forget the article on TIME magazine ?

I am a millennial and I don’t agree with this perception of my generation (I know, big surprise!). I am not saying there aren’t millenials out there who aren’t selfish or entitled but at the end of the day you can’t label a whole generation!

I am sure there are many millennials who live up to the stereotypes but I also know there are millenials who are nothing like what society thinks of them. As a matter of fact, many of my friends (who are also millenials) are hard working, respect their careers, and want to see a change in the world (most importantly, they take action to make this happen!).

**So I give you five reasons to hire me (or a millennial) next time you are thinking of bringing new talent to your team:

1. We don’t work for a paycheck: time and time again we see that millenials are not motivated by money. Millenials want to learn and grow both professionally and personally. All they want is an opportunity to prove their value while gaining experience and skills.  Benefit to the employer: as long as you are providing training and room to learn and grow, a millennial employee is more likely to stay with your company. This means that you will see a ROI on the time spent training this person and you will get to see them grow professionally.

2. We are curious and driven: millennials grew up using Google and many people might think that’s a bad thing but it really isn’t. See, millennials who are curious and driven ask the right questions–they do diligent research and try to get to the bottom of things. They are problem solvers because they are constantly asking Why? or How? Benefit to the employer: whether you are finding new ways to cut cost or looking to outperform the competition, a curious millennial employee will offer different POVs that you might have not seen before.

3. We are great ambassadors for you company/brand: if a millennial accepts to work in your organization, he/she will genuinely believe in your mission. Since millennials are connected and are vocal about things they support, they are more likely to share with family, friends, and their networks what a great company/brand their employer is.  Benefit to the employer: millennials are a great opportunity to build brand awareness and reputation in an unique way.

4. We don’t give up: many millenials have graduated into a grim  job market but that hasn’t stopped them from finding new ways to make money and learn. We know that freelancers as well as entrepreneurs are on the rise–mainly because millenials aren’t willing to give up. They are willing to take the reigns of their future and make their time worthwhile. It doesn’t matter how challenging the situation, millenials don’t run from it and they don’t give up.  Benefit to the employer:  the millennial employee won’t run from difficult projects–they will embrace them as learning experiences.

5. We want to succeed: millennials’ definition of success is very different from previous generations. We might want different things but one thing remains the same—we want to be the best at what we do. Most importantly we want to be part of the solution. Millennials’ motivation is doing the best job they can do.  Benefit to the employer: millennials’ goal of wanting to be the best at what they do is probably the best assest to your company. Their desire to succeed and perform will help your own company/brand succeed.

** Disclaimer: although I used We in the statements above, I want to make clear that those are my own opinions and feelings. I can’t guaranteed that ALL millennials agree with these statements.

I also leave you with this great infographic I found on Forbes. It breaks down who millenials are, why you need them in your company, and how to manage them.

I hope hiring managers are open-minded and give millennials a chance!

Feel free to leave me a comment about your thoughts on Generation Y.

I look forward to reading your comments!



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